Why bother mining Lynx?

If I’m not gonna get rich mining Lynx, then why would I do this?
Well, the answer is the same as many other hobbies. Because you believe in the project philosophy, it’s educational and fun!!!
Many of our small global community participants enjoy the camaraderie and social network of enthusiasts that participate in the project. Also, folks find joy knowing that each Lynx miner they run is a small building block to a larger project. That larger project is called Logware, and it’s a business that stores data on the Lynx blockchain. Each Lynx node you build and maintain brings more power and storage to the Logware business. For Logware to store data, Lynx is required and burned, decreasing the circulating supply. Indirectly, customers of Logware use Lynx to store their data. Maybe one day, you will sell your Lynx in exchange for Logware to store data for a customer. When a Lynx enthusiast reads a headline about Logware’s blockchain technology and how it made the world a better place, they can take pride in knowing that they played a role in that bigger picture.
There is a second answer to the question as well. Customers who use Logware often create a small Lynx mining farm to support the Lynx blockchain. With a provisional commitment of a minor, inexpensive Lynx farm, customers can ensure the data they store via the Logware API remains secure and accessible.