Shortened URL Support

After a file is stored in Clevver, the user is provided a permanent URL to access the file. An example is below. The format of the file will always be the same length and structure. The link format will always start with HTTPS; the host '' is the domain name. The 64-character string is the unique identifier of the file on the blockchain. This identifier for your respective file will never change. The three-character file extension will always be appended to the end of the URL. The URL will always be 92 characters in length.
While the above URL can be used on websites, documentation, email correspondence, and code, the URL can be too long for some use cases—specifically, inclusion in smart contracts. So a shorter version format is listed below. The shorter version can be included in smart contract code and other scenarios where field length restrictions are of concern. The URL will always be 52 characters in length. Domain Support

Beginning in August 2022, any files created in Clevver will also be assigned a specially branded, shortened URL. Files created before August 22 will manually be assigned short URLs too. The shortened URL structure provides a 48-character length URL. The short URL does not include a file extension.
The shortened URL above links to the same file above, and it includes a particular caching tier that works well for NFT applications. The shortened URL is conveniently under the URI length limitation imposed by some smart contract platforms. There is no extra fee to get or use the shortened URL for a Clevver asset.