How to delete content

Clevver provides 2MB for free storage for new accounts. Try it risk free, but be sure to read the Terms of Service.
Clevver relies heavily on encryption. Once data is stored on a blockchain, it can't be edited or removed. Clevver encrypts everything it stores on the blockchain for 2 primary reasons;
  • To respect digital rights
  • To respect the owner's desire
If someone uploads content that has a copyright, the individual broke the Terms of Service with Clevver. The user is required to read and agree to the Terms of Service. If the copyright owner contacts us, we need to be able to remove access to the restricted content. The file becomes permanently inaccessible by breaking the encryption between Clevver and the stored asset. So Clevver can't delete content from the blockchain, but Clevver can disrupt the ability for anyone to see the content.
Content is never uploaded to Clevver unencrypted. This is for your protection as well.
If you or a friend uploads a file, you should also be able to delete that file—the same technique applies. You would first Archive the asset, which removes it from your standard Dashboard view and it strips the assets of its tags. Then you would visit the Archive view and Delete the asset in the asset detail view. Once complete, it can't be reversed.
Removing content from Clevver can sometimes take days. This is due to the robust caching tiers used by Clevver. Once an asset is flagged to be removed, it will drop off all caching tiers on various time schedules.