Should I use an ASIC miner to mine Lynx?
Lynx is a cryptocurrency that embraces Solo mining. A single computer, like a Raspberry Pi, your laptop, or a Virtual Private Server (VPS), can win an entire block and earn the full mining reward. You don’t need special mining hardware (i.e., ASIC or GPU) or software. The Lynx code has a built-in miner, so the Lynx Project does not use an external miner or mining pools. Yes, you can try to use an external miner, but it doesn’t work that well. ASICs don’t work well with Lynx. You could try using a GPU, but it won’t return the results you expect, and the mining software that goes with it doesn’t work well with Lynx, nor does it work well with mining pools. For the time and cost of setting up an external miner and the fact you won’t make a profit — most folks don’t bother.
Did we mention that Lynx doesn’t work well with mining pools? At the time of this writing, there are no mining pools that have adapted to the unique requirements of Lynx. Considerable effort to build a Lynx-compliant mining pool was done and it still remains an incomplete project. It isn’t easy to do, and Lynx is far more secure without ASICs and mining pools. The reason is centralization within mining pools, but that is a topic for another article.