Maximize your Miner

The built-in miner does not require any external software to be installed or set up. All the mining functions are built into the Lynx software. The QT Desktop Wallet and the Command Line version (CLI) of Lynx (the version that runs on the Terminal with no QT user interface) both work the same way and respond to the same configuration settings.
A fundamental requirement for mining Lynx is that each reward address you use for mining MUST have a minimum balance of at least 1000 Lynx at the time you are mining. If it doesn’t have a minimum balance of 1000 Lynx, the built-in miner won’t allow the address to be used for mining. No miner can win a block with an address that has less than 1000 Lynx in it at the time the block is won. You can always add and remove Lynx to an address, but don’t let the address balance drop below 1000 Lynx.
Knowing that you must have 1000 Lynx in each address you mine, you have two options; Local Mining or Remote Mining.