The first question everyone asks about Lynx.

Will I make money mining Lynx cryptocurrency?

We have been in the cryptocurrency space long enough to remember mining Litecoin or even Bitcoin on our laptops, but that time has passed. Sure, mining for those coin projects turned out to be a profitable ordeal, but very few knew it. Since then, many folks have gotten into the cryptocurrency space with fantasies of striking it rich by mining a coin, selling them, and then buying a sports car. Sadly, and realistically, those days have passed. Lynx won’t make you rich. Lynx won’t buy you a sports car. Of course, who knows what the future holds for our small project, but mining Lynx coins to get rich should be your last reason. Let’s be very transparent. It is unlikely that the Lynx you mine will ever be worth enough money to cover the cost of the electricity and hardware you buy to run a Lynx node. There, we said it. Still interested? Read on…