The Lynx sustainability philosophy
For a blockchain to be considered a secure platform for business in today’s global marketplace, sustainability must be a key feature. As an eco-friendly decentralized ledger technology (DLT), Lynx strives to be a leader. Lynx is a decentralized blockchain that prioritizes environmental sustainability and ease of use for the everyday, non-technical user.
Unlike Bitcoin’s business rules that promote a consolidated, competitive, inefficient, and profit-driven mining strategy that creates an over-reliance on fossil fuels, Lynx business rules promote the opposite. For example, the Lynx code discourages high-volume mining rigs because the code purposefully lacks incentives to mine for profit. In addition, the entire Lynx network operates on a collaboration of low-power devices that anyone can run, resulting in a collective global mining cost of only dollars a day. As a result, LYNX is more user-friendly to mine and more eco-friendly than other blockchain projects that have unsustainable energy requirements. Finally, the Lynx network can be sustained for generations due to an abundance of coins yet to be mined.