Lynx Mining Pools

Collaborative mining pools will lose interest due to the low mining reward and the long block maturity. Without the profit incentive, the collective effort of a mining pool poses no benefit. As a result, high-capacity miners with expensive mining hardware will reject Lynx as a profitable coin project to mine. If a high-capacity miner still decides to mine Lynx, they will realize solo mining only brings them a reward of 1 Lynx per block. ‌ Taking power away from ASICS allows the network difficulty to drop further along with the network hash rate. Thus, the effect lowers the electrical and hardware cost of the network. Further, it secures the network by flattening the miner base and increasing the likelihood that anyone could mine blocks and confirm transactions.
In short, Lynx remains a Proof of Work project despite borrowing ideas from Proof of Stake. The HPoW rules ensure that blocks continue to get mined by a broad network of miners, making the network more resilient, as a few powerful miners or pools cannot control the network.