Circulating Supply

At the time of writing, the amount of Lynx released to the public via the earned reward to miners is 77,872,268,736.
The Lynx miner receives 1 Lynx + fees with each block. Thus, a healthy block time results in ~2,300 new Lynx added to the circulating supply each day.
The top two known wallets contain stolen coins from a hack before the current team took control of the project. The amount in the largest wallet totals 16,377,591,933 and the second is 1,610,095,400.
Since these coins are locked from spending, the total circulating supply is 59,884,542,893.
It is well understood that since the Lynx project has a genesis block over eight years old, many Lynx have been lost. A conservative approximation is that ~40 billion Lynx are currently in circulation, with more aggressive estimates as low as ~25 billion Lynx.
Note that Lynx is a deflationary coin as a result of its data storage utility. With the Logware API, Lynx coins are provably burned to store data directly on the chain. As the usage of the API increases, more coins are burned than created each day. When the crossover remains stable the number of circulating Lynx will decrease over time, not increase.