Public Methods

The following instructions should get your initial API test working quickly.
The Logware API will be considered EOL (End of Life) on January 1, 2024. Support for the API and its methods will discontinue on that date. So that you know- Logware customers will be contacted in advance with migration instructions.
Logware customers are encouraged to silo API keys for application-specific usage. This recommendation reinforces a security model that allows an application-specific key to be easily deactivated without impacting correlative services in the client stack.

Authenticate first

Before you select the Payload type you will be working with; you must authenticate with your API credentials. Once your application gets a Token, it's usable for 10 hours.
Your application should re-authenticate every 10 hours, no sooner.

Upload your Payload

We recommend a single API key for each type of payload you store in your application. For the sake of getting started fast, try the Hash Payload method first.
Code snippets for various clients are also provided in API Samples section of this documentation.