API Introduction

The Lynx data storage API is called 'Logware'.
The Logware API will be considered EOL (End of Life) on January 1, 2024. Support for the API and its methods will discontinue on that date. So that you know- Logware customers will be contacted in advance with migration instructions.
Logware is a standards-based, easy-to-use public API that any software developer can use. The Logware API is the gateway or middleware that a software developer uses to store data permanently on a public blockchain. The software developer does not have to know how blockchain works or be involved in running a node. The Logware API abstracts and hides all those complex layers while presenting a truly permanent platform for storing data. How is it permanent? Logware stores data directly on its public blockchain (Lynx). There are no referential pointers, no ‘off chain’ drive farms.
Logware stores data directly with the money.
Moreover, because the integrity of the cryptography which tracks the money is sound, the same can be said for the data stored. Once data is stored and confirmed on the Lynx blockchain, it is genuinely 100% permanent. Generations later, the data can be retrieved without risk of loss, all the while without maintaining complex incentive programs to drive farmers.
Logware competes in the data storage marketplace by focusing on a select customer profile. Logware is very good at storing lots of critical, small-sized data payloads. For customers looking to store large files like movies and music, the platforms like Storj and Filecoin might be better candidates. Logware offers storage of 3 payload sizes; cryptographic hashes, payloads that are 2 kilobytes or less, and payloads that are up to 500 kilobytes in size. Logware is a specialized data solution for business customers looking to store vast amounts of small payloads.
An expansive array of use cases exist. Logware has customers who store raw Internet of Things sensor data. Logware stores SSH key data for technology customers who need a 3rd party, off-site data storage layer for user authentication data. Logware can store proof of COVID vaccination, incapable of being lost, replicated, or forged. Manufacturers can use Logware to thwart counterfeiters. Logware can store NTFs, with zero risks of loss! Other blockchain projects use Logware to store data cheaper than they can. A significant advantage: Logware customers pay only once to store data and can forever access it for free. Compared to traditional data storage models of paying monthly to maintain access to a dataset (that might deteriorate), this is a unique technology for generational data storage.
Logware makes B2B data storage easy for developers. Lynx makes data storage inexpensive and permanent. Lynx and Logware are built and maintained by the same team ensuring stability.