Get Started

If you’re a beginner and want the easiest way to start mining Lynx, this document is for you.
This page has deprecated content and is no longer accurate. It has been retained for historical purposes.

Desktop QT Wallet

We strongly recommend you only download and run the latest version of the desktop Lynx QT wallet from the official Lynx Github repository.
The "QT" label means the software has a Graphical User Interface (GUI). This means it looks like an application on your computer like any other application. If the release has "no-QT," it is for Linux and is used with a Command Line Interface (CLI) - a terminal window.
Do NOT download your Lynx software from anywhere else. Older wallet versions are available on Github for research purposes only and may pose a security risk. Only download the latest version.
Once you download and install the Desktop QT Wallet, it will take several hours to sync with the global network. No further effort on your part is required. Leave the application minimized on your computer and disable sleep mode, so the computer doesn’t shut down after a period of inactivity.
You will know the Desktop QT wallet is fully synchronized with the global network when the animated spinning icon on the lower right corner of the QT application stops spinning.
For the built-in miner to start, you must have at least 1,000 in a single address in your wallet. Join the Lynx Discord or ask a friend to get some quickly. The built-in miner will remain active while the Desktop QT wallet application runs.